1. To acquire musical instruments and sound system in order to develop a studio and a rehearsal centre for the existing team and later, start a music school for the visually challenged.

2. To start a Vocational Training & Business Centre in order to create earning opportunity for the visually challenged by engaging in following activities:

  • a) Outsourced job work for data entry - Conference material, theses, speeches, case files etc. to be executed at back office using the support of RCG-SRVC Resource Centre

  • b) Telephone Secretary Service - Regular office dictation could be collected as audio files or over phone and converted into text at the Centre which will provide employment to many.  This could be done under the supervision of a sighted proof-reader.

  • c) Telemarketing of Products and Services

  • d) Medical transcription contracts using well trained hands after proper orientation of medical terminologies and practices.

  • e) Physiotherapy in various disciplines such as Ayurveda, Acupressure, Shiatsu and other forms of body work.

  • f)  Professional Counseling

  • g) Foreign Language Desks for interpreter jobs, tourists help line etc.

3. Placement Services for employment of trained candidates by conducting Job Fairs.

4. SRVC started the first Blind Football team from Kerala and also help is setting up the first Indian National Blind Football team which has been participating at various International Tournaments. SRVC hopes to bring together talented Blind Sports enthusiasts and have them represent the state/ country and thus help them get recognized and employment.