Envision Trust Telecalling Centre

Envision Trust a registered Trust, based in Kochi has been working with employing trained visually challenged (VC) candidates for call centre and back-office operations since June 2016. This has made it one of the most unique projects in South India where almost 100% of the work has been done exclusively for the differenly-abled. The centre has space to accommodate 22 telecallers with a server/software setup and is centrally located at the Chavara Cultural Centre premises, Monastery Road, Karikkamuri, near South Railway station, Ernakulam. Envision Trust telesales centre, is a joint venture between Chavara Cultural Centre and Society for Rehabilitation of Visually Challenged (SRVC) which aims to help with the well-being and uplifting of the visually challenged community. The Envision Trust, the first call centre exclusively involving the differently-abled in Kerala was partnering with Vodafone from July 2016 to Dec 2017 supporting with postpaid sales and follow up work. The latest project involves working with Asianet since Jan 2018 with 20 seats and a team leader who has been employed full time to oversee operations. The work involves following up with Asianet Broadband customers for reminder/ renewal process of AMC packages and the team has been successful in meeting targets every month, even being . The establishment is fully furnished with computers having screen access readers (audio support for the visually challenged), a server facility with a dedicated internet & electricity connection and it includes amenities like air conditioning etc. for a comfortable working atmosphere.

Pandemic Phase

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Envision to close the physical operations in the Envision Trust centre. During the Lockdown period, the entire operation had been shifted remotely to ensure the VC telecallers have a safe and secure environment during the pandemic.For the first time, all telecallers have been performing to their best potential even though based in remote places across Kerala including from Kumily, Thodupuzha etc where in spite of the intermittent connectivity issues, all telecallers have been able to achieve their targets. And the success story being, 2 more telecallers have been taken into the wings with more telecallers being trained for future posts.

The employees are working from home by utilizing the mobile phone to call the customers and sharing their reports to the team leader through a Whatsapp group and storing the call records in the cloud. India harbours a massive number of visually challenged individuals who need jobs that suit them. These trying times are especially difficult on members of the visually challenged community as they are unable to venture outside easily owing to their dependence on touching their surroundings to navigate. This has proven that the differently abled have taken advantage of modern technology to be on a level playing ground with others.

We appeal to healthcare providers who may want to get patient remote monitoring, clients who need followup work done with their customers over phone, telemarketers , financial institutions, insurance co's etc to look at this opportunity of hiring a proven and trained telecallers who can work efficiently and produce the output required, we are open to discussing future opportunities. Pls contact Rashad 8891400275 or Shabana 8593906812 for details.

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