The Resource Centre

The Latest Project started in Dec'14 has been in association with Chavara Cultural Centre and SRVC ( with the setting up of a Computer Training and Resource centre at the Chavara Cultural Centre premises, near South Railway Station, Ernakulam. The centre offers intensive computer training in 8 month batches for 10 to 12 students at a time, and is working towards employing all students across companies in the state. The aim of this project is to impart training in Communication Skills, Computer Skills and Mobility Skills in order to make the Visually Challenged community job-ready. This is the second Resource Centre after the first one was established in Sept 2008 in association with the ‘Rotary Club of Cochin Global’ at Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi.

SRVC hopes to create awareness about the employability of the Visually Challenged and thus play a catalytic role in bridging gaps to create an inclusive environment and thereby achieve Social Integration. Today there is an imaginary line separating the 'visually challenged' and 'sighted'. Helping the visually challenged cross the road, board and disembark a bus, boat or train, getting them safely seated, etc, are the least one could do. The next best thing to do is to recognize their strengths and provide them employment at least in areas where quality or efficiency need not be compromised. Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged has researched and identified areas where the visually challenged could excel , given the right training and support. They are able to concentrate more on sound, speech and music since they are not distracted by vision. Due to their inability to make quick notes, they sharpen their memory out of necessity. While they are unable to compete with the sighted on job spheres involving mobility, they could easily handle jobs that are done in a static position or that involves limited mobility. Using their superior listening skills and retention power, they are able to produce better results in certain fields of activity such as music, data entry, telemarketing, call center jobs, medical transcription, food tasting (tea tasting, wine tasting, etc), assaying (fragrances, essential oils and extracts etc), counseling and physiotherapy.

Out of the above, 'counseling' and 'physiotherapy' assume greater significance since their disability gets converted into an ability.