To create awareness about the employability of the Visually Challenged and thus play a catalytic role in bridging gaps to create an inclusive environment and thereby achieve Social Integration.

To recognize their strengths and provide them employment at least in areas where quality or efficiency need not be compromised.

To identify areas where the visually challenged could excel, given the right training and support.

To create opportunities in the work fields based on their capabilities. They are able to concentrate more on sound, speech and music since they are not distracted by vision. Due to their inability to make quick notes, they sharpen their memory out of necessity. While they are unable to compete with the sighted in job spheres involving mobility, they could easily handle jobs that are done in a static position or that involve limited mobility. Using their superior listening skills and retention power, they are able to produce better results in certain fields of activity such as music, data entry, telemarketing, call center jobs, medical transcription, food tasting (tea tasting, wine tasting, etc), assaying (fragrances, essential oils and extracts etc), counselling and physiotherapy.

To create awareness to get more participation in to the sports field from the visually challenged community


Selfless service with absolute transparency

"The movement should be visible and not the people behind it."

"The leadership should be visible and not the leader behind it."

"The purpose should be visible and not the effort behind it."