Dr Reshmi Pramod

Dr Reshmi Pramod is the CEO and Founder of ‘Jeevaniyam’ Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre, which specializes on children with autism and cerebral palsy. Losing her eye sight at an early age did not deter Dr. Reshmi from pursuing the career that she always dreamed of, but she used it as a stimulant for her success and sored into newer terrains. It was her commitment towards the society that spurred her desire to specialize on autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions in children through Ayurveda. After learning Ayurveda, Reshmi started working at Bolgatty in 2006 and in her free time, she used to indulge in writing articles online. That’s how ‘Jeevaniyam’ was born. It started out as a small website which Reshmi later developed as a platform for online consultations. Over the next few years, she nurtured this idea and made it into a multi-faceted institution. In addition to being a hospital and a research center, ‘Jeevaniyam’ also focuses on skill development of young men and women which would boost their prospects of finding a suitable job. For more than 10 years, she focused on acquiring new skills, like learning various computer applications., that would enable her to improve the proficiency over her subject. The institution is committed to providing the mental support to parents and to educate them on how the children with special needs can be guided, especially with the help of technology. As the Founder and CEO of Jeevaniyam, Reshmi has a clear vision for the future. She wants to develop the treatment center to a world class rehabilitation center that offers the best of facilities such sensory parks, retreat center and swimming pools to the children who needs extra care and help along with an atmosphere that makes them feel as if they are home.